How effective is leadership training?

    Leadership training can be extremely effective particularly if you have clear program objectives, anticipate outcomes and baseline data to work from and be able to measure against. Hence why I feel so proud to share the results of a piece of work that I have recently undertaken for one of my client’s (Abbotsford care Ltd.) Following a request to deliver a Communication skills course within one of their Units; I designed a be-spoke workshop which included leadership development for their team (60 staff.)

    Evaluation meetings were held following the workshops and consultancy provided; the results showed that 91% of staff stated they had seen an improvement in the workplace. Below are some of the highlights and comments received from staff…

    • Raised self- awareness “People are making more effort and putting into practice what we learnt” … “I am more aware of how I might be coming across…”
    • Review of processes – For example to remind staff the importance of handover between shifts “I pay attention more at handovers whereas before (the workshop) I was rushing to get started,” Introduction of the ‘Information folder’ to help communication flow has been well received and it was mentioned that Care plans are regularly updated.
    • Regular meetings held -Staff feel they’re listened to, their ideas are taken on board and they feel involved.
    • Team changes was well received- a worker commented that a “change of team has been positive…we are learning to adapt (and) take on a more positive attitude”
    • Improved team morale – Feedback showed “… people are more open, they seek clarification if unsure and avoid looking for faults in others. “
    • Improved relations between management and staff – With comments like …“They (Management) are more approachable than I thought”… and come across more “engaging, taking an interest, actively listening.”

    I feel honoured to work with such a brilliant team that have been open, honest, constructive and show a genuine desire to want to be the best in their profession. I would highly recommend Abbotsford Care Ltd.        

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