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How to improve staff performance and productivity?

    Effective performance discussions focus on growth, development, and collaboration. By emphasising these aspects, creates a more productive and supportive environment for both managers and employees.

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of delivering training to managers in Perth, Scotland (see image of the beautiful city of Perth.😊)

    Our focus? Empowering the managers  to get the most out of performance review discussions.

    🔑 The Challenge: Beyond the Process  – Performance reviews—wait, let’s call them “performance development” discussions—often get bogged down in process minutiae. Line managers can become fixated on ticking boxes rather than fostering meaningful conversations. 💬

    🎯 My Approach: Practical Tips for Managers – To address this challenge head-on, I’ve designed a course specifically for line managers. We dive into practical strategies for holding effective review meetings. From active listening techniques to mastering goal-setting. Because when managers approach these discussions with intention, the meeting can be much more meaningful. 🌟

    📝 Employee Perspective Matters Too – I’ve also received requests from clients for an additional course—this time aimed at employees.🙌 Employees want to know what to expect and how to prepare for their one-on-one with their line manager.

    🔥 The Bottom Line … Performance development isn’t a checkbox exercise; it’s a chance to elevate performance, boost engagement, and strengthen relationships.🤝

    Feel free to get in contact, if your organisation is interested to shift the focus from “reviews” to growth-oriented conversations. 🌱