Q2 2018 Update

    Busy working on some exciting projects at the moment…

    • A client with around 600 employees has gone through a major staffing restructure and created a new area of the business to support their culture change. The new business area comprises of teams that had not previously worked together, consisted of management at varying degrees of leadership skills and unclear of how best to work as a senior team. Through facilitating workshops and consultancy, I have had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and help formulate their vision of how best to work together in order to support the overall business strategy.
    • A family business comprising of 5 employees; the owner had faced challenges getting the team to work cohesively. Through 1:1 business coaching to hone the owner’s leadership skills, the team is now stable and through facilitating team workshops the team are now focused to meet their business goal of £1million revenue. It is really exciting to see the team are already on track to meet their goal!