Talent Management

“Wouldn’t it be great to know the right people are in place to support our business aims?”

What is Talent Management and how can it support my business?

Whether your business is expanding, contracting or moving into new markets – you need to know you’ve got the right people with the right skills to support your future business plans. This is where I can help you by developing a Talent Management program that meets your needs. How does this work?

I will work with you to identify your company’s success criteria, develop tools to assess your people against and outline the support required to nurture the talent within your business. The benefits of having such a program in place include;

  • Supports effective workforce planning
  • Career paths in place for employees
  • Supports employee engagement
  • Minimise risk to your business
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Operational excellence

It is a tried and tested framework that has been rolled out on a global level and proven to be successful. The framework can be adapted and tailored to suit your business requirements.

So, if you have questions like…

  • Where are my future leaders coming from?
  • Is my business at risk from an ageing workforce?
  • How can I secure key skills in my workforce?

Then why not get in touch?

Case Study

A client facing a skills shortage at management level asked for assistance to find a proactive approach to recruit and retain managers. Through working in partnership with the Client’s operational team, Jacqueline was able to introduce a Career Development Program which improved succession planning and staff retention as employees could see an opportunity for career development within the company. Results from the program also showed that individuals recruited through the program performed at a higher level than those recruited outwith. To add, the program saved the Client £140K in recruitment costs. The Client’s feedback was “Overall the assessment has been a great experience. It gives an extra image of professionalism to the Company and it shows that we care about our employees” (Contact Centre Director, Leading Global Outsourcing organisation, Edinburgh


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