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Bespoke Leadership Program for Small Business Owner

    Scenario: As a preferred supplier of Leadership Development & Consultancy for Business Gateway Fife, this means that any Fife-based business can apply for funding towards the support that my business has to offer.

    Further to a request from Business Gateway Fife to assist an owner of a company looking to expand his business, a bespoke Leadership Development program was designed and delivered for Benjamin (Benji) Gilbert, the owner of Benji Physio.

    To minimise Benji’s time away from the business, short 1:1 sessions (around 1 hour long) were delivered covering specific topics such as Leadership skills, Difficult conversations, Personal effectiveness, Delegation skills, Motivation skills and general principles around Performance Management.

    Benji shared the following feedback at the end of the program; “I’ve learnt a lot. It (the program) did what I was hoping for. It showed me the things that I am already doing well in and it highlighted what I need to improve in. I enjoyed it (the program). Thank you!”

    Further feedback received included …