Scenario: Influx Recruitment are pioneers in their field having transformed their business through use of social media.

    Sharon Menzies (Managing Director) was interested in Jacqueline’s course ‘Professional boundaries on Social media’ and keen for the course to include content that could be shared with their Clients- this wasn’t a problem for Jacqueline as she was able to adapt the material to meet their needs.

    The course delivered was a short interactive course designed to protect business reputation and manage business risk by raising employees’ awareness of the potential implications of online “banter.” It looks at acceptable versus unacceptable behaviour in the use of social media with respect to the workplace.

    Following the course, Lauren Pratt their Sales and Marketing Exec emailed Jacqueline to say…“Thanks for coming in today, we enjoyed it and got the key takeaway from the course which was brilliant. It just shows you how social media can ruin a lot for employee, employer, client and colleagues. Looking forward to blogging about it!”

    Here’s a short clip from Lauren and Sarah Menzies (Client Services Manager) sharing their insights from the course….

    Sharon Menzies (Managing Director Influx Recruitment)

    Feedback from Sharon Menzies (Managing Director) following the course was “Jacqueline is a true professional and the course Jacqueline delivered for us was excellent. Many takeaways and cannot recommend Jacqueline highly enough. Will definitely use again to deliver additional courses.”

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