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Webinars for Aegon UK

    Scenario: Aegon UK, keen to invest in the personal development of their staff, consulted with Jacqueline to provide a schedule of events for one of their functional areas. The program of events took place over an eight-month period and included topics such as Influencing skills, Time management, Presentation skills, Conflict resolution, Project Management and Communication skills.

    Due to Covid-19, face to face training had to be cancelled however to ensure the program of events could continue to run, Jacqueline offered to deliver the courses on-line and here are some of the comments following the sessions…

    “Despite the fact that we were all far apart during the course Jacqueline made us feel connected. I really admire that she delivered this session on such a high standard in this new environment.”

    “I enjoyed this course I feel it’s relevant to me and something I will implement going forward with my career. Jacquie is extremely informative and I enjoy her training style.”

    “The trainer did a great job involving everyone, making sure to call on everyone to offer their opinion/thoughts etc”