Do networking events really work?

    I was invited to a BAWE (British Association of Women Entrepreneurs) Scotland meeting several years ago. BAWE Scotland’s main aim is to provide an environment for women to grow and develop in their business and professional life.

    I am glad that I chose to join this inspirational group of women as I have always found them supportive and whom I can turn to for any business advice. I found that running a business as a woman has its own set of challenges, some of which I can relate to in the following article by the Telegraph.

    Being a member of BAWE allows me to discuss matters with like-minded people. I am grateful to be part of this group. It is an honour to feature in their recent newsletter congratulating me on being awarded the contract to support a client (with around 600 employees) on a large-scale project supporting their transition to hybrid working.

    I am thrilled to be involved in the project. It is an opportunity to pave the new way for working for my client following the pandemic.

    If you are looking to join a group with links to the world’s biggest network of women-led businesses then you might want to consider joining BAWE (Scotland)