Coaching Case study

Re-structuring within a department had made a manager, with nine years’ experience in the organisation, feel unsure in terms of her role within the department
and she didn’t feel part of the management team. Her new line manager questioned her abilities and planned to place her on an improvement plan with the intention
that she would lose her job if she didn’t meet expectations.

The employee engaged on a coaching program. It became apparent that her lack of motivation was affecting her performance. As part of the coaching program she set herself goals to regain her motivation and to take actions to make her feel part of the team. By the end of the coaching program the manager stated she felt more motivated and was actively sharing ideas at the management meetings. Her line manager commented that he had seen a positive turn around in her performance.
Manager, Financial Services, Florida, USA

Talent Management Case Study

A client facing a skills shortage at management level asked for assistance to find a proactive approach to recruit and retain managers. Through working in partnership with the Client’s operational team, Jacqueline was able to introduce a Career Development Program which improved succession planning and staff retention as employees could see an opportunity for career development within the company. Results from the program also showed that individuals recruited through the program performed at a higher level than those recruited outwith. To add, the program saved the Client £140K in recruitment costs. The Client’s feedback was “Overall the assessment has been a great experience. It gives an extra image of professionalism to the Company and it shows that we care about our employees”
Contact Centre Director, Leading Global Outsourcing organisation, Edinburgh