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Employee Engagement seminars

    Scenario: In response to the results from an employee engagement survey. Q2 Lab solutions were keen to offer a program of monthly seminars to support their employees’ physical, mental/ emotional wellbeing and personal effectiveness.  To meet operational demands the seminars had to be, wherever possible, short in duration.  Jacqueline designed a program of events and with assistance from her colleague, Craig Ali (Founder Total Health, experienced health & wellness professional)  delivered the short workshops. Topics delivered included;

    • Emotional resilience with mindfulness
    • Stress management
    • Effective communication skills
    • Motivation skills
    • Time Management
    • Personal effectiveness
    • Nutrition
    • Posture and back care

    Due to the success of the program, the seminars are now being rolled out to other areas of the business and offered as virtual sessions to include remote workers. To date, 330 employees have attended the seminars since their launch in March 2019!

    To assess the impact of the program, evaluation of each topic delivered was conducted. Below is a short clip showing some of the results.

    It is so rewarding working with a company that recognises by investing in such a program assists employee’s personal effectiveness which leads to a healthier, happier workforce and improves productivity.