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    Scenario: Avtek Solutions are keen to support efficiencies in the workplace. Mark Lawrie (Managing Director) had heard about Jacqueline’s ‘Time Management’ course and felt this would be useful self- development for members of the Project Management team which in turn would support the business’ drive for efficiency.

    Staff completed an audit to identify potential areas for development, Jacqueline was then able to provide tips and techniques to help team members manage their day more effectively. After the course, Jacqueline shared with Mark her observations on reasons for ‘blockers’ to staff’s effective management of time and provided guidance to support the team moving forward.

    Two weeks after the course was delivered, Jacqueline met with staff and found that they had put elements taught into practice. Mark was also pleased to see changes in terms of how staff were approaching their work. Feedback from the course included…

    “The course was enjoyable and will help me going forward”
    Sandy McTaggart, Project Co-ordinator, Avtek Solutions, Fife

    (Particularly found useful) “Highlighting strengths/ weaknesses within Time Management, how to prioritise, control measures for Time Management”
    Alistair Campbell, Project Manager, Avtek Solutions, Fife

    (Jacqueline) “Explained everything clearly and politely”
    Lee Dair, Project Manager, Avtek Solutions, Fife