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Scottish Rugby

    Scenario: As part of their strategic plan, Scottish Rugby were keen to provide soft skills training to all staff from senior level down however they had a tight timeline and limited in – house resources to achieve this. The HR department researched external companies to support their strategic plan and selected Jacqueline McGregor.

    Jacqueline was chosen because she brings a personal touch, she is genuinely interested in our business and provides a tailored approach that fits our needs.

    To ensure consistency, Jacqueline was able to design and deliver a course that complemented what we were delivering to our senior management. The course was around self – awareness and tips on how to communicate effectively.  Feedback from the course included…

    “NLP area I found interesting and hope to use to greater effect. Good course – interesting to join so many other part of Scottish Rugby” (Graham Shiel, Academy Coach, Scottish Rugby, Murrayfield-Edinburgh)

    “Good course and makes you step back and think about how you communicate and how you could be more effective in certain situations”

    “Jacqueline is friendly, constructive and knowledgeable” (Ruth Madill, Physiotherapist)

    “(The Training material) was very thorough. I feel I can take it away and use it…Overall a great course. I learned a lot” (Chris Pacey, Student & Adult Participation)

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