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How to implement hybrid working?

    Scenario: A public sector client (600 employees) looking to trial hybrid working for a year to decide their best approach for working moving forward, contacted Jacqueline to support them during the trial.

    Following a consultation with the client, Jacqueline designed and delivered a bespoke programme. The programme consisted of two short webinars, one targeted at managers and the other for non-managerial staff. The webinars included topics such as the benefits of hybrid working, expectations of the trial period and exploring ways of maximising collaboration and productivity in a hybrid way whilst managing work/life balance effectively.

    The webinars were rolled out over 6 months. During this time, Jacqueline highlighted to the client contact the key themes she observed and suggested solutions to some of the issues raised due to her experience in delivering similar programmes to other clients. The client was grateful for the feedback and put forward some of the suggestions.

    When Jacqueline enquired why the Client had chosen her for this piece of work, the client’s response was as follows;

    “You were selected as the preferred supplier as a result of your delivery style during the proposal – as part of this exercise we got a sense of how you would approach and deliver the sessions to our staff which fitted with what we were looking for. Your pricing was also competitive and we have previous experience of working with you – your work is always of high quality, delivered in partnership and always with excellent service. This is why we chose to work with you on this requirement.” (Abby McKay, Senior OWD Partner)

    During the webinars, Jacqueline used a poll to gauge the employees’ sentiments on hybrid working. The overall results showed a positive shift in mindset from the beginning of the trial period (around when webinars were initially rolled out) to 6 months later. Over some time, Jacqueline noticed that in general people seemed to embrace the hybrid working trial, they appeared to find creative ways to work collaboratively and were willing to share their experience in managing a positive work-life balance.

    To see details of the ‘Managing Hybrid Teams’ course offered by Jacqueline please see training courses.