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Bespoke Project Management Training

    Scenario: InternetCreation offer complete web solutions to businesses throughout Scotland and the UK.

    Further to a request from Ian Paltiel (Co-founder and Director of InternetCreation) to ensure projects are completed in an efficient and timely manner, a bespoke Project Management course was designed and delivered to the team.

    As a result of delivering the course, the team recognised that overall their projects are managed well and identified some efficiencies to be attained.

    Feedback was that everyone thought the course was excellent and relevant to their needs. The parts of the course they found particularly beneficial included;

    • “Identifying ways to make the workday more efficient”
    • “Identifying and understanding my own and others’ personalities and seeing where these can both complement and conflict with each other”
    • “Re-thinking project planning.”

    Further feedback received included …