Does employee engagement matter?

    Research shows that workplaces where employees are given the flexibility, and power to make decisions and solve problems leaves an employee feeling energised, capable, and determined to make the organisation successful. As a result of these management practices, quality of work increases, employee satisfaction increases, collaboration increases, employee productivity rises, and organisational costs decrease. All of these benefits enable the business to achieve competitive advantage and improve profitability.

    According to the Gallop Organisation, organisations that enable employees to be more empowered and engaged, experience 27% higher profits and experience 50% higher customer loyalty. As customer retention and satisfaction increases, costs associated with keeping and maintaining the organisation’s customer base decreases. Hence, company resources are freed up to focus on growing the business instead of on how to stop customers from leaving.

    I am currently assisting an Organisation that is keen to improve their employee engagement.  This month (March) has been a busy month- 109 staff attended the courses we launched as part of my client’s Employee Engagement programme! It is so rewarding to see such a fantastic level of interest from the team.

    With comments like… ““I found this course really useful and insightful. I was glad to see training of this nature being offered, and I would definitely like to see more courses like this come through” and “Great to see things like this are being shared, very relevant in today’s world!”… I am looking forward to delivering more courses for the client for the rest of the year.