Tips -How to feel connected when working from home

    A downside of working from home is feeling isolated. Through the remote working programme that I deliver, it has been fascinating to hear the novel ideas that Organisations are taking to help their staff feel connected. Here are some of the ideas …

    • Virtual office- where staff set up a call to work virtually for several hours. No agenda just simply working together virtually. Some choose to have the radio/music playing in the background whilst working ‘alongside’ their colleagues.
    • Virtual watercooler (through dropbox)– where a small group of staff are randomly assigned to a virtual room. Staff can choose whether or not to attend the ‘watercooler meeting.’
    • Encouraging 1:1 calls (virtual or phone call) to keep in touch with members within your team as well as colleagues that you don’t necessarily work alongside but pre-covid you would stop and chat to.
    • Cutest looking pet competition (through Slack/ Facebook) – where people post photos of their pet and staff get to choose who’s got the cutest looking pet.
    • Social channel (through Intranet, Slack, Facebook) – where people can share tips, videos/ photos of a new skill they’ve learnt/ a talent/ baking/ what they’ve been up to etc.
    • Walk & talk – where colleagues can be on a call (social or business) whilst out for a walk.


    For further details on the remote working package, please click on the link below;

    Remote working package