What to do after redundancy?

    I feel honoured to be part of the Board for Fife Gingerbread trust. Unfortunately, due to cuts in funding, we recently faced the difficult decision to make redundancies amongst the workforce.

    Fortunately due to the collaborative approach of a strong passionate team headed by a determined CEO Rhona Cunningham, our ever committed team of volunteers including the support of Board members, Fife Gingerbread trust’s funders , stakeholders and clients – we were able to come up with solutions to minimise the number of redundancies  through things like job redesign and Organisational restructuring.  However, regardless of the numbers of redundancies, it’s always a difficult and painful process to undertake for all parties concerned.

    Within Fife Gingerbread we are now in a period of supporting staff to handle the ‘fall-out’ from the recent redundancies and help them align with the Organisation’s mission and goals.

    The article below is a helpful reminder on how to re-motivate the survivors of redundancy given this matter is sometimes overlooked.

    Article on how to re-motivate the survivors of redundancy

    Any businesses interested to learn more about Fife Gingerbread as part of their corporate responsibility please email linsey@fifegingerbread.org.uk  for further details. Thank you.