Does a 4-day working week work?

    The results attained from companies that have implemented the 4-day working week concept whereby staff work 4 days but get paid for 5 are astonishing! That’s why it is such a pleasure to be involved in planning an event on this topic with CIPD Scotland for it’s members.

    The CIPD Scotland event focuses on what could a 4-day working week in Scotland look like? It explores the idea of moving to a 4- day working week, the challenges and opportunities this brings.

    The idea of a 4 -day working week is not new but it has been brought to the forefront of policy makers minds not least as a result of the pandemic. With New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, raising the possibility of introducing a shortened work week as a way to better work-life balance and increased productivity, many UK politicians including very senior Scottish politicians have publicly endorsed the idea.

    If interested to see examples of the benefits this has brought to companies then have a look at the following recording from a recent seminar on the topic (for those short of time, please fast forward to around 43 mins into the video clip.) Also, below is a recording by Andrew Barnes (campaigner for the 4-day week) sharing his experience of implementing the idea within his organisation…

    Video: The 4-day week: Making the case for work flexibility